Cosmo's World Video Series

Join Cosmo the Flying Squirrel, Terra the River Otter and their friends on new journeys of environmental discovery.  Cosmo’s World was produced by the Wild Resource Conservation Program, eMediaWorks, PBS 39 and Natural Biodiversity to help classroom teachers and environmental educators teach these topics to elementary and middle school students in a fun and engaging way. Come visit Cosmo’s World as often as you like. Cosmo and Terra will be here to take you on adventures through Pennsylvania’s habitats. Do Something Wild! Be a friend to all living things, great and small.



The Emmy-Award winning series begins with Cosmo the Flying Squirrel, Terra the River Otter, their friends and experts as they explore the outdoors to learn how important biodiversity is to everyone – humans, animals and plants...and that biodiversity isn’t just important in the wild, its part of our own backyard.


Biodiversity Part 2

A new look at how everything in nature is inter-connected, and how important natural diversity is to our future. Cosmo and Terra lead their friends in being good stewards of their local community. This episode shows how important it is for everyone to be involved in conserving our resources. Connects especially with middle school aged students.




Climate Change

Join Cosmo the Flying Squirrel, Terra the River Otter and their friends as they explore the outdoors and learn how climate change affects our lives, and the lives of plants and animals in Pennsylvania. This lesson uses language and terms that all school kids can relate to and understand, although specifically geared for elementary school students.


Sustainable Agriculture

The video looks at how locally-grown fruit and vegetables results in many unseen benefits, including the use of less energy, protection of biodiversity, and conservation of natural resources. A great resource for middle school students and above.



Endangered Species

In this episode, Cosmo and Terra join the kids as they meet several animals, learn how endangered species are being threatened, and find out what can be done to save these precious resources. Geared toward elementary school students, but of interest to all ages.



Do you know how much additional energy is used when you turn your thermostat up two degrees? This is just one of a number of energy-related questions that are discussed in this episode. Geared toward middle school aged and above.



Invasive Species

Cosmo and Terra join their friends as they explore the outdoors, meet park staff and find out how invasive species are crowding out our native plants, animals and insects. Geared toward elementary students but of interest to all ages.



Terra the River Otter and Cosmo the Flying Squirrel join their friends and experts in learning how important water is to every aspect of our lives – and to the plants and animals who share the planet with us. Informative and entertaining, the episode shows various ways small acts of stewardship can guarantee clean, fresh water will be available for years to come.  Aimed at middle school students but of interest to all.